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Chakras are centres of spiritual energy. They are located in the astral body, but they have corresponding centres in the physical body also. They can hardly be seen by the naked eyes. Only a clairvoyant can see with his astral eyes. Tentatively they correspond to certain plexuses in the physical body. There are six important Chakras. They are: Muladhara (containing 4 petals) at the anus; Svadhishthana (6 petals) at the genital organ; Manipura (10 petals) at navel; Anahata (12 petals) at the heart; Visudha (16 petals) at the throat and Ajna (2 petals) at the space between the two eyebrows. The seventh Chakra is known as Sahasrara, which contains a thousand petals. It is located at the top of the head. Sacral plexus tentatively corresponds to Muladhara Chakra; Prostatic plexus to Svadhishthana, Solar plexus to Manipura, Cardiac plexus to Anahata Chakra, Laryngal plexus to Visuddha Chakra and Cavernous plexus to Ajna Chakra. Kundalini and Muladhara Chakra

Sri Lalitashasranama and the 7 Chakras

90 Om Kulamruthaika rasikayai Namah Salutations to Her who(as the Kundalini)revels in the nectarflowing from the Sahasrara through the whole of the Kula path (ie.Sushumna)


99 Om Moladharaika nilayayai Namah  Solutation to Her who resides in Mooladhara


100 Om Brhama Granthi  Vibhedinyai Namah Solutation to Her who in Her ascent from the Mooladhara breaks through the Bramha Granthi (the barrier of Brahmaha to the sbtle dimensions)


101 Om Mani poorantar udhitayai Namah Solutation to Her who then emerges in the Manipura Chakra


102 Om Vishnu granthi vibedhinyai Namah Solutation to Her who then breaks the Vishnu Granthi (the barrier till subtler dimensions


103 Om Ajna chakarantharalasthayai Namah Solutations to Her who next abides in the centre of Ajna Chakra


104 Om Rudra granthi vibhedinyai Namah Solutation to Her who finally  breaks through the Rudra Granthi (the barrier to the subtlest dimension)


106 Om Sudha sarabhi varshinyai Namah Solutations to Her who sends streams of nectar (Spiritual Bliss) from the transcendent moon in the Sahasrara, i.e. she who gives the very pleasant experience of the ultimate


107  Om Thadillatha samaruchyai Namah Solutation to Her who shines like a steady flash of lightning


108 Om Shad chakropari samshithayai Namah Solutatios to Her who then establishes herself above the six chakras



Muladhara - Root - Base - Support

Meaning:Connection to Mother Earth-Root (Muladhara)
Location:Base of Spine between Anus and Genetials
Element - Earth
Glandular Connection:Adrenals,Kidneys
Colour - Red

                             Swadhisthana - Sweetness - Sacral

Meaning - Sweetness, allowing Pleasure, and Creative expression

Location - Lower Abdomen, between navel and genitals
Element - Fire
Glandular Connection - Overies and Testies
Colour - Orange

                             Manipura - Lustrous Jewl - Solar Plexus

Meaning - Lustrous Gem
Location - SolarPlexus
Element - Fire 
Glandular Connection - Ovaries and Testies
Colour - Yellow

                                    Anahata - Unstruck- Heart

Meaning - Balance, Compassion, Self-acceptance
Location - Center of Chest
Element - Air
Glandular Connection - Thymus
Colour - Green

                          Vishudha -Purification -Throat Chakra

Meaning - Harmoney with others, Self-knowledge and Creativity
Location - Centrally at the base of the Neck, Throat
Element - Ether
Glandular Connection - Thyroid, Parathyroid
Colour - Blue

                              Ajna - To Persive - Brow Chakra

Meaning - To Persive, To Know, To see other than the eyes, Emotional Intelegence,Intution, Wisdom
Location - Above and between the eyebrows
Element - Light
Glandular Connection - Pituitary
Colour - Indigo


                         Sahasrara - Thousand Fold - Crown Chakra

Meaning - Thousand Fold, Expanded Consiousness, Selflessness, Spirituality
Location - Top of Crown Head, Upper Skull, Cerebral Cortex
Element - Thought
Glandular Connection - Pineal
Colour - Violet

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Human Body Energy Centers 3 of 3

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