An integrated Study Program of Ayurveda and Yoga 

(Being Launched)

Ayurveda is the Vedic science of Healing, Yoga is the Vedic science of Healing for Self-realization. Both disciplines developed together and always been used together. Those who are interested in one would benefit from studying the other.

 Ayurveda and Yoga are far more than  physical exercise or bodily healing systems. They look to the whole Human being, which is not only body but mind and Soul. Both address all our needs, from physical wellbeing  to the unfoldment of  our higher consciousness.

“Life (Ayu) is the combination of body, senses , mind and reincarnating soul. Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond”-Charaka Samhita -  I.42-34



AyuYog is the combination of Ayurveda and Yoga  leading to Self-Healing and Self-realization. Human beings are composed of five sheaths called Koshas. Annamaya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vignanamaya and Anandamaya Koshas. Sound Mind in the Body and Sound Body in the Mind is the process of welbeing . AyuYog deals with all the Koshas with the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga leading to  overall welness .

Yoga is a common term in the western world, it immediately refers to Hath yoga and one misses the holistic aspects of Yoga—Astanga the eight limbs of yoga.  Similarly Ayurveda is becoming known in the west today as a special system of natural medicine. However, the physical side of Ayurvedic healing through diet,herbs and panchakarma is only part of the system.  Its inner aspect, healing the subtle body and the mind, is the other and perhaps more important part.

The combined study of Ayurveda and Yoga is of great importance for each discipline and for holistic approach for Self-Healing and Self-realization.


Integrated Study Program 

· Ayurveda & Yoga -  The sciences of Self-Healing and Self-realization

· Constituents of Ayurveda and Yoga

· The aspect of Interplay of Ayurveda and Yoga

· The Impact of Ayurveda and Yoga on human beings

The Approach

The entire approach of  teaching is based on the traditional Gurukula approach where in the topics are presented, discussed through samvada principles and culminating in a practice session . This will be supported by encouraging the participants in  Swadhyaya (Self-study) and Manana (Contemplation). Mindfulness is encouraged to be adhered to at every moment.

The  Duration & Certification

One year Post Graduation program culminating with the award of Diploma.

“The three -  body, mind and soul -  are like a tripod.  The world stands by their combination; in them everything abides. This combination exists for the sake of purusha or conscious being. It is the subject matter of Ayurveda for which the teachings of Ayurveda have been revealed.” - Charaka Samhita I.46-47


Yoga is severing the connection with that which causes suffering. Yoga should be practiced with insight and with an unperturbed heart” - Bhagavad Geeta VI 23    

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This is a festival observed in honour of Lord Shiva and it is believed that on this day Lord Shiva was married

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