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Sri Chakra

Caturbhih s’ri-kanthaih s’iva-yuvatibhih panchabhir apiPrabhinnaabhih s’ambhor navabhir api muula-prakritibhih;Catus’-catvaarims’ad vasu-dala-kalaas’ra-tri-valaya-Tri-rekhaabhih saardham tava s’arana-konaah parinataah


Soundarya Lahari

The making of thr S’ri-Cakra, which is the most noted diagrammatical representation of the Devi in her transcendence and also in Her Cosmic manifestation, and which is meditated upon in the centre of the thousand-petalled lotus in the head and also worshipped externally inscribed on a Bhurja-patra (parchment) or metal, is described in this verse:

The four S’ri-Kanthas (Siva-cakras) and the five S’iva-yuvatis (S’akti-cakras) are the nine Muula-prakrtis or basic manifestations, and these are apart from S’ambhu (the Bindu or small circle in the centre). Then there are two lotuses, one of eight petals and another of sixteen, besides three surrounding circles and three lines. This forms Thy mansion with forty-four Konas (triangles)


·         Bhavaani tvam daase mayi vitara drstim sakarunaamIti stotum vaancan kathyati Bhavaani tvam iti yah;tadaiva tvam tasmai dis’asi nija-saayujya-padavimmukunda-brahmendra-sphuta-makuta-niiraajita-padaam

   -  22  -

Soundarya Lahari

The Supremely gracious nature of the DEVI is described in this verse:

Whoever, desiring to pray to Thee in terms like ‘Oh Bhavani, bestow Thy gracious glance on me, Thy servant, even before he utters ‘Bhavani tvam’ ‘(May I) become Thou’, Thou art want to bestow on him the status of oneness with Thy feet, at which Divinities like Vishnu, Brahmaa and Indra are performing the lustration ceremony with the brilliance of their diadems
(as they bow down their heads in prostration).

One of the chief disciples of Sankara composed an octad of verses in praise of the Master. The metre he has used in this composition is the difficult but beautiful totaka. Hence he was himself given the name Totakácárya. Every word of this exquisite hymn bespeaks the utter devotion of its author to Sañkara. Sañkara, the Guru, is all to him. There is nothing equal to the Guru; nothing superior to him. The Guru is the dispeller of the darkness of ignorance. There can be no greater good than the removal of ignorance. The spirit of devotion of the disciple is best expressed in the soul-moving burden of this song : Be Thou my refuge, O Master, Shañkara (bhava Sañkara deshika me Sharanam)!


(A Hymn of Eight Stanzas)

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