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One of the methods used in the scriptures to pass spiritual knowledge is through stories and anecdotes. This is an especially beautiful style to present knowledge since many things that are being presented can not really be communicated in straight and direct language.

So these stories show what needs to be shown while it requires the skill of the listener to receive what it is intended to show and leave the rest behind since no story can completely match what is tried to be presented.

Duty Dedicated to HIM

Those were the days when the supply of electric power for lighting the streets was available only in a few big cities in India. In one of the big towns every street had three or four oil lamps each with a glass chimney set on a pole, the municipal authorities employed some labourers to light the lamps at about 6:00 p.m. in the evening. The expenses incurred towards oil, wick and chimney were met by the municipalities.

There was one lamplighter who did his job cheerfully and scrupulously. He had great faith in God and always recited the name of his dear God, Rama. He was very punctual and systematic in his work. He used to come to his ward exactly at 5:00 p.m., clean the chimneys, pour oil into the container, set the wick right and light the lamp. While doing all these he would be singing, "Janaki Jeevana Ram, Karoonga Tumhara Kam," meaning thereby, "Oh Lord of Janaki, I am doing only your work. I am only serving you."

Reports reached the municipal authorities that the lamps lit by this devotee shone brighter all through the night while the lamps lit by others in the town were dim and many of them burnt only for a part of the night. The matter was taken for investigation. The reporting officer submitted to the authorities the fact that all the lamplighters in the town were given the same oil and other materials and were also paid the same remuneration. As for the street where the lamps shone brightly all through the night unlike those in other streets, it was a unique case where the lamplighter was known to be a very pious man doing his duty as service to God.

Any work done sincerely as service to God is bound to reflect His love and glory.- God is Love


The master was away for a few days and the cleaning lady was polishing his favourite vase when she dropped it and it smashed into a million pieces. Just at that point the master returned, and the little old cleaning lady looked around at him with horror, just ready to beg forgiveness “Don’t you worry about that old vase my dear I got it for pleasure not pain.”


A very learned professor went to a Zen master to find out about the nature of the mind. They sat down and the professor just talked and talked and talked about what he already knew. Tea was brought in and the Zen master started to pour out tea for the professor, but when the cup was filled the Zen master just kept pouring, the tea spilling over the table. The professor cried out, "excuse me the,but the cup is full." The Zen master replied, "yes just like your mind is and there is no room for anything new."

No More Questions

Upon meeting a Zen master at a social event, a psychiatrist decided to ask him a question that had been on his mind. "Exactly how do you help people?" he inquired.

"I get them where they can't ask any more questions," the Master answered

Experience GOD

The man whispered, "God, speak to me" 
and a meadowlark sang. 
But the man did not hear. 

So the man yelled "God speak to me!" 
And the thunder rolled across the sky. 
But the man did not listen. 

The man looked around and said, "God let me see you." 
And a star shined brightly. 
But the man did not notice. 

And the man shouted, "God show me a miracle!" 
And a life was born. 
But the man did not know. 

So the man cried out in despair, 
"Touch me God, and let me know you are here!" 
Whereupon, God reached down and touched the man. 
But the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on. 

Don't miss out on a blessing because it isn't packaged 
the way that you expect.


(A Sioux Indian Story)

The Creator gathered all of Creation and said,

"I want to hide something from the humans until they are ready for it. It is the realization that they create their own reality."

The eagle said, "Give it to me, I will take it to the moon."

The Creator said, "No. One day they will go there and find it."

The salmon said, "I will bury it on the bottom of the ocean."

"No. They will go there too."

The buffalo said, "I will bury it on the Great Plains."

The Creator said, "They will cut into the skin of the Earth and find it even there."

Grandmother Mole, who lives in the breast of Mother Earth, and who has no physical eyes but sees with spiritual eyes,

said, "Put it inside of them."

And the Creator said, "It is done."